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We organize blue cruises in Orange Pension. If you want to spend time on beautiful Mediterranean waters, see beautiful coasts and visit the historical places, try our boat cruises. We organize daily and 3 nights, 4 days cruises available everyday during the summer period.

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Enjoy a day cruising to the sunken Lycian city of Kekova. Stop to swim and snorkel in the Med and visit historical sights...all in one day! Leave Olympos at 8:30 am and transfer to Ucagiz, where you'll board your boat bound for Kekova. Stop at Akfarin Bay for swimming and snorkeling and then travel to Simena for a hike up to its hilltop castle. Enjoy a buffet lunch on board before heading back to Myra to visit the rock tombs and amphitheatre. Return to Olympos at 7:00 pm.



Olympos and the surrounding area, you can arrange walks. There are several pathways by which you can go. You can join the group tours, or arrange your own adventure in the Lost City and other historic Lycian city. We can also guide you through the longest and most difficult trails or give you a referral. If you enjoy fresh air and privacy, we recommend that you arrange itself such an adventure. Hiking in Olympos is also available in winter. In the winter weather is not so cold.



Yanartaş, proposed as the ancient Mount Chimera, is the name of a geographical feature near Olympos valley and national park in Antalya Province in southwestern Turkey, at a distance of about 40 kilometers to the southwest from the city of Antalya, between the district center of Kemer and the township of Beldibi, near present Tekirova. Mount Chimera was a place or places in ancient Lycia, notable for volcanic phenomena and said by some ancient sources to be the origin of the myth of the Chimera. It is characterized by a permanent fire caused by methane emissions and the area is located on a track popular with hikers and trekkers on the Lycian Way. Called in Turkish Yanartaş (flaming rock), the spot consists of some two dozen vents in the ground, grouped in two patches on the hillside above the Temple of Hephaistos about 3 km north of the village of Çıralı, near ancient Olympos, in Lycia. We do organize daily night trips to Chimera at Orange Pension.



During your stay at Olmypos Orange Penison, you can join different activities. We recommend you to take a canoe tour. You can get more information about daily canoe tour from our pension.

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Rock climbing is a physically and mentally demanding sport, so often experienced strength, endurance, agility and balance with your psychological control. This is a dangerous sport and knowledge required climbing techniques and the use of specialized equipment are critical for safety. Due to the large number of different versions of rocks around the world climbing was divided into several sub-styles and disciplines. Olympos area offers many different types of vertical climbing to technical climbs on the roof of a huge, tuffs and plates. Different sectors are in the shade all day, so the climb is always possible. We don't have a programmed climbing activity but we do organize it up to your requests.

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Diving is also organized at Orange pension to the nearest diving places Kas, Adrasan, Kemer. As a result you can enjoy incredible countryside, empty beaches, as well as small friendly pensions and restaurants that still value their guests. The area offers a number of excursions and surprise attractions. Nearby are the ancient Greek ruins of Olympos, the antique towns of Limyra and Arykanda or underwater the sunken city at Kekova. As typical for Mediterranean Sea, beside sponges, lobsters, large octopuses and cuttlefish you can also see barracudas, tuna fish, skates morays, and also many pieces of Amphorae.

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The canyon in Göynük maintains has a mystery as an unknown natural wonder for years. Some hotels and tourism agencies arrange jeep safari to reach the canyon which is 5 km at the upper side of Göynük. The water is crystal-clear. Suitable for holiday-makers with or without children. After an hour walk, having a splendid panorama all the time, you will reach the canyon. To go further you have to go in to water. When you reach the spring of the canyon, you will be fascinated by the view you encounter. The magnificent view, ensued by the step 300 - 350 m high mountains, which are worn out by waters by the time, captures big and little waterfalls as well. The canyon, with its deep valleys, narrows down to 6 m from time to time. It also provides opportunities to swim in its large ponds. The mysterious panorama of embraced mountains is approximately 6 km long. Tracking the valley takes approximately 3 hours. The valley, with its magnificent waterfalls, is a natural wonder worthwhile to see, and waiting to be discovered.



Take a ride on the white waters of the Koprulu Kanyon and the Bridge River. Daily tours begin at 8:30 am in Olympos. In an hour's drive north from Antalya is a Koprulu Canyon. Choose a large raft or canoe for two people and overcome rapids. Stay to jump from the cliffs and admire the view of 25 meters of the Roman bridge. Finish your day lunch of fish or chicken and tea. Journey ends in Olympos at 7pm.



Imagine yourself as a bird. You spread your wings and take flight. Feel the currents of air rushing past your face. Feel the wind in your hair. Look out to the majestic mountains on the horizon. Look down to the turquoise water and sand beaches below. This is a thrill most earthbound humans never have a chance to experience. Our Pilots have 10 to 15 years of experience and are Internationally Certified Pilots qualified to fly all over the world. All our pilots speak perfect English. We will provide you with appropriate boots, helmet and a flying suit if the weather is cool. If you have your own boots, you can bring them with you. Our pilots (instructors) give you all necessary information about what to do and not to do. After the pilot briefing, you will feel comfortable and safe.


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